LPG Skid System

Skid System Solutions

LPG Skid System Models Type Explanation
slpg-05 LPG Mobile Station 5m3 Skid System
slpg-10 LPG Mobile Station 10m3 Skid System
slpg-20 LPG Mobile Station 20m3 Skid System
slpg-30 LPG Mobile Station 30m3 Skid System
slpg-50 LPG Mobile Station 50m3 Skid System
slpg-100 LPG Mobile Station 100m3 Skid System
General Specifications
General Features
Skid (or mobile) installations are an idea solutions to fulfill tempotery but even permanent distribution demands.
The installions time is virtually zero. Simply provide a power source and the system is ready for LPG delivery.
Skid installions require a minimum amount of space and therefore are also a perfect answer for situtions where space is limited.
In many countries where governments approve autogas it usually is difficult to start off. No one is willing to invest in vehicle conversion equipment if there are no places to refill these . one the other hand nobody invest infilling sites if it will not attact business immediately. This standoff can be resolved with mobil installations.
The investment on these skid installations is very little compared to constructing a complete site, which may not be profitable from the beginning.
Parallel to this , one could convert car or even a company fleet. Once enough vehicles are converted to justify a fixed station, the mobile installations can move to another locations to start autogas in that area. Obviously, with more skid installations in operations simultaneously the conversion of vehicles will sprated faster as well.
As a dispenser manufacturer, pump supplier and with excellent contacts with tank manufacturers, Savel assembles skid installations as well. Often 5000 or 1000 liter tanks are used, but technically any size can be used. Savel builds the installations either with a Corken above ground or with a Red Jacket submersible pump.
Technical Specifications
* LPG dispensers with ATEX and CE Sertificates
* RS485 or Current-loop communication options, full automation support
* Full ATC system
* Electronic and mechanical calibration
* Emergency button
* Loyd certified LPG tanks
* Electronic tank level gauge
* Alarm system for low and high level
* High performance centrifugal (60 l / min) Pump option
* Compliance with European Standards
* Gas leak detection and alarm system
* Ex-proof connections for electrical connections