MobilContainer 40ft

40ft Container Fuel Stations

MobilContainer 40ft Models Type Explanation
SMC-40H-1T Mobile Fuel Station 40ft HC Container 60m3 Single Tank
SMC-40H-2T Mobile Fuel Station 40ft HC Container 30m3 Double Tanks
SMC-40H-1T-O Mobile Fuel Station 40ft HC Container 50m3 Single Tank + 4m2 Office
SMC-40H-2T-O Mobile Fuel Station 40ft Container 25m3 Double Tanks + 4m2 Office
SMC-40-1T Mobile Fuel Station 40ft Container 50m3 Single Tank
SMC-40-2T Mobile Fuel Station 40ft Container 24m3 Double Tanks
SMC-40-1T-O Mobile Fuel Station 40ft Container 40m3 Single Tank + 4m2 Office
SMC-40-2T-O Mobile Fuel Station 40ft Container 20m3 Double Tanks + 4m2 Office
General Specifications
Usage Areas
Seasonal Requirements; (Holiday spots, marinas, agricultural areas, etc.)
Private Events & Organizations (Motor sports, etc),
Construction Sites,
Mining Industry,
Fuel supply for large fleets and in-house refueling sites (big corporations, transportation companies, etc.),
Forecourts on which installation, revision and maintenance operations are conducted.
Techical Specifications:
Standart Sizes: ISO 40 HC / 40 ft including CSC (Container Safety Convention ) plate. Length: 12.192mm Width: 2.438mm Height: 2.591mm (HC: 2.896mm)
B.I.C - registered the international identification of Bureau International des Containers.
2 tanks / 1 tank +double walled+within/without office
load-carrying-system construction, consisting of stable frame structure with 8 pieces ISO-corners
Double walled (40ft: 6 mm inside layer + 4 mm outside layer, 20ft and 10ft: 5 mm inside layer + 3 mm outside layer)
Robust, cubic, double wall body of steel, material: S 235 JRG 2
Corrosion protection: KT4S-Coating. Protection to sea-water and UV. RAL codes are applied according to customer requirements.
Light and sealing door (double winged ) for dispensing niche: height 2.000 mm x width 2.000 mm4 flange connections (2 suction/2 reserve)
1 x 2" ventilation connections DN 50, a vent hood 2“ - (diesel)
1 x 2" ventilation connections DN 50, a vent hood 2“ - exproof (gasoline)
Dispensing niche: width 2.000 mm x depth 1.000 mm x height 2.000 mm
Electrical niche: depth 700 mm x width 1000 mm x height 2000 mm
5m2 / 2m2 office room within light, 3-point electrical socket, sealing door and window.
Generator niche within sealing door and light.
Fuel dispenser - 1x 50lt/min.
Fuel transfer set, 600 / 300Lt/min.
Single wall plated carbon steel tank.
3” fuel filling entrance(Cam Lock) / Overfilling protection.
Integrated ladder and sunshield for top of container access.
Ex-proof lamp for dispensing niche and filling niche.
Fuel Dispenser within 2 products – 2 nozzles
With OIML type approval, EMC tested , ATEX certified
Media: Diesel and Gasoline
Liter, Price, Rate on Display - Delivery rate 5 - 50 ltr./min. (standard) or 9 - 90 ltr./min. (high efficient) (flow rate will be set with customers wish in our workshop)
Hose length 1: 4 m with automatic nozzle
Quantity preselection: price or liter
Service Stations Gas Station / Petrol Fuel Station
The tank station can be equipped as a complete gas station | service station for cars, trucks and diesel locomotives or as tank container for yachts and boats.
The tank station can also be applied as airfield gas station (gas station/service station for helicopters).
International transportation permission for ship, rail and road. (CSC) (Container Safety Convention )Extremely robust and high static firmness.
Double walled structure with vacuum leakage indicator.
Protective arrangement of the equipment inside the tank body.
2 x filling system for tank cars DN 50 with road tanker connection VK 50 and non-return valve, ball valve
2 x level limiter with type approval in EX (by version with transfer pump, the pipework for the filling system is mounted at the transfer niche)
2 x suction pipe 1 1/2“ with non-return valve and ball valve 2 x return pipe
Lamp, switch, emergency stop (in EX)
Pedestal for dispensing units
Non-slip surface at the bottom of the niche
Transfer pump EX/ATEX 600 l/min with extra niche and door 400 V/AC
Diesel Generator 5 / 10,5 Kw
Ex package for the employment of A1 liquids such as Gasoline
Safety stickers
Overfill prevention level indicator for EX use – Level Gauge
2 qty / 1 qty fire extinguisher– 12 kg
Air breath valve / emergency relief valve
High level alarm.
Emergency shut off system point and leak detection.
Digital Level Indıcator on electrical board.
Sealed area around the Valve to give Products Binding in All Areas.