MobilBasic Indoor

Cylinder Closed Type Mobile Fuel Solutions

MobilBasic Indoor Models Type Explanation
SMI-05 Mobile Fuel Station Mobile 5.000 Lt.
SMI-10 Mobile Fuel Station Mobile 10.000 Lt.
SMI-15 Mobile Fuel Station Mobile 15.000 Lt.
SMI-20 Mobile Fuel Station Mobile 20.000 Lt.
SMI-25 Mobile Fuel Station Mobile 25.000 Lt.
SMI-30 Mobile Fuel Station Mobile 30.000 Lt.
SMI-40 Mobile Fuel Station Mobile 40.000 Lt.
SMI-50 Mobile Fuel Station Mobile 50.000 Lt.
General Specifications
Standard specification
For the storage of diesel, gas oil or kerosene
Double cylinder design with all-steel construction
2 point lifting eyes
110% bund capacity
Suction line dip tube for fuel delivery
2" BSP fill point
2” offset fill pipe with overfill prevention valve
Hi-flow spin on cannister filter, 25 micron, water absorbing
Removable inspection hatch for access into inner tank
Cabinet with anodised aluminium roller shutter door or heavy hinging steel door
Sturdy base with transport tie-down points
Shot blasted to SA 2.5 and painted in 2-pack polyurethane finish
Product information
Horizontal, cylindrical bulk diesel tanks in capacities from 5,000 litres (1,098 gallons) to 32,000 litres (7,000 gallons). Heavy duty double cylinder design with an all-steel construction. Full height fuel cabinet provides easy access to tank connections and dispensing equipment. Fully bunded and pressure tested inner tanks; built in accordance with the latest environmental regulations. For use with diesel and gas oil.
Key features
All steel construction and lockable doors for high security
Full height cabinet provides easy access to tank connections and fuel dispensing equipment
Low cost and quick to install - tanks are self-supporting and do not require any civils work prior to installation